Spectrum Diagnostic Labs is a full service high complexity laboratory. We know how important your health is, so we pride ourselves on providing scientifically backed results you can count on. With a large catalog of testing options, we can provide you a one-stop shop for your testing needs.

At SDL we partner with our customers to deliver accurate results while providing excellent customer service. SDL is a solid business partner that your business can count on.

Our laboratory performs testing in accordance with strict standards and scientifically accepted methods. Each test is performed by a highly educated, experienced staff using state-of-the-art equipment and under the scrutiny of state and federal agencies.

Our Business

Spectrum Diagnostic Labs provides testing that allows physicians, specialists and employers to determine precise levels of a particular substance present in a personís system. In this case, this results may be used by the prescriber to determine (or monitor) patient prescription adherence; or by an employer to determine the presence of legal and illegal substances banned from the workplace.

Our Mission

Serve as a trusted partner in the laboratory industry to maximize patient care and improve treatment outcomes using advanced medications monitoring and state-of-the-art technologies.